Our Story

In 1993, BD Custom Manufacturing was formed to fill a void left by many of the traditional manufacturers in the extruded plastics market. Producing small runs of custom molded PVC and Polyethylene seemed like an opportunity to plastics extruder BD Custom Manufacturing when many of the leaders in the extrusion industry made a decision to service only larger clients rather than cater to smaller customers.

BD Custom believes that the small to mid-size plastics customers deserve and require the same attention and opportunities as the volume clients if they are to be successful in their competitive markets. So BD Custom Manufacturing began to provide custom designed tooling, small runs, and quick turn-around times to an ever growing number of diverse manufacturing segments across the United States.

Our Story
Our Vision

Our Vision

BD Custom Manufacturing continues to add experienced personnel, maintain quality control, and improve the processes required to remain the number one choice for the best plastic extrusion: built-to-spec and delivered on time. With the philosophy that BD Custom is “Small Enough to Know You and Large Enough to Serve You”, the updated facility in Bristol, Indiana is providing custom extruded plastics to the Appliance, Automotive, Recreational Vehicle, Marine and Furniture markets as well as numerous others.

Mission Statement

BD Custom Manufacturing is committed to providing high quality plastic profile extrusions to our customers. We are innovative in customer solutions to technical problems in a competitive marketplace. We strive for honesty, effort, and integrity in our day to day operations with our customers, suppliers, and employees. We recognize that our employees are the greatest asset of our success and are committed to their growth and development. We also recognize a fair profit needs to occur in order for future necessary growth in capital expenditures, employee training and a return on investment for the shareholders.

Mission Statement


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Mission Statement

Quality Statement

Meeting customers’ expectations through continuous improvement

Quick Lead times

When your profile is to be extruded in one of our 50+ stock colors, our standard lead time is usually ten working days from the time that we receive an order accompanied with a usable die.

Quality Control

If you have ever been placed in a position of using faulty parts because you could not wait for a replacement run, you will appreciate the BD Custom commitment to Quality Control.


If this is a new project or it is time to retire your current tooling, we can build a high quality extrusion die from a detailed print of your finished part.

Vacuum Sizing

Vacuum sizing is the term given to the use of calibrated vacuum pressure to help form a consistent plastic part that will meet the specifications of the extruded component.

80 Custom Colors
800 Custom Profiles
48000 Feet of Plastic Per Day
Over 10 Materials Processed