Custom-Extruded Plastic Channel Manufacturer and Supplier

Since 1993, BD Custom Manufacturing has consistently worked hard to create quality multiple plastic extrusion products of various specifications that exceed our clients’ expectations. Plastic extrusion is a high-volume manufacturing procedure involving very small pellets […]

Custom Plastic Tubing Manufacturer

BD Custom Manufacturing is the leading manufacturer of custom plastic tubing that meets the needs of a range of applications and industries. Our highly experienced team of engineers combines their unmatched experience, expertise, and modern […]

PVC vs ABS Plastic Tubing Extrusions

PVC and ABS are two of the most versatile thermoplastic materials on the market and are used extensively throughout numerous facets of the construction industry and beyond. Both plastics are non-toxic and abrasion-resistant, provide improved […]

Making Plastic Strips: Our Custom Extrusion Process

Plastic strips are widely used in a variety of consumer, commercial, and industrial applications. These strips are commonly used to create plastic frames or trims that serve as secondary barriers or doorways, facilitating energy efficiency […]

Windows & Doors

Custom window and door manufacturers turned to BD Custom to replace high maintenance wood components with weather resistant PVC moldings and trim.

Poly Cord

Often used to replace natural or synthetic braided ropes for use in upholstery and sewing applications, BD Custom’s Polyethylene or PVC poly cord has strength, resilience and greater weather resistance than natural fibers.

Hot Tubs & Spas

Many name brand spas and hot tubs are manufactured using custom PVC components developed and extruded at BD Custom Manufacturing.

PVC Paneling Trim

Matching PVC trim for interior wall paneling. BD Custom trim molding resists stains and chipping while providing a clean finished look to any paneling or coated wallboard application.

PVC Post Covers

PVC casement slides over wood, creating a weather resistant post that is strong enough to take the punishment of climate change and is light enough to ship with limited weight carriers.