Case Studies

Case Study

Quality Control Requirements

INDUSTRY: Appliance
CHALLENGES: Maintaining perfect 90 degree angle

This is a case which demonstrates the expertise of our engineering team as well as our vacuum sizing die capabilities. The part required a perfect 90-degree angle as it is mitered during installation to create a square door frame. The former supplier was unable to maintain the 90-degree angle, leaving gaps and creating significant problems during installation. The customer contacted us through our website and inquired as to our ability to produce the part properly.

We took the part to our engineering department for analysis. Their recommendation was to create new vacuum sizing dies and tooling which would then be able to maintain a consistent material flow producing a true square 90 degrees as well as the other critical dimensions required. Our vacuum sizing die capabilities give us an advantage when producing dimension critical parts as we can eliminate some of the human error that may occur when “jigs” or “fingers” are used to help hold a part in place for traditional tooling.

Although the up-front cost of the new type of vacuum sizing tooling may be somewhat higher, the pay-off in consistency, lower production times, and less scrap prove more economical overall. When the job requires a high degree of accuracy and consistency, BD Custom’s team can meet your specs, every time.

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