Custom Polyethylene Extrusions

Polyethylene is a light, flexible, and durable synthetic polymer resin available in high, medium, and low-density grades and is extruded into several products. It’s commonly extruded into several plastic components for many industries.

Types of Polyethylene

  • LDPE: Low-Density Polyethylene or LDPE is a flexible material used in plastic film applications. LDPE’s high ductility and low tensile strength allow it to stretch when strained, making it ideal for products such as shopping bags.
  • LLDPE: Linear Low-Density Polyethylene, or LLDPE is similar to LDPE, but with its own unique advantages, including requiring less energy to manufacture. 
  • HDPE: High-Density Polyethylene, HDPE, is a durable, reasonably rigid plastic with a linear crystalline structure, making it sturdy and suitable for low-temperature applications. Products manufactured from HDPE include cutting boards, garbage bins, milk cartons, and laundry detergent packaging.
  • UHMW: Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene is a type of polyethylene that is exceptionally dense and spun into threads. UHMW has a higher tensile strength than steel and is used in bulletproof vests.
  • PEX or XLPE: PEX or XLPE is a cross-linked type of polyethylene created with organic peroxides under intense pressure. The resulting resin is especially suited for critical applications like insulation for high voltage electrical cables, radiant heating, and cooling systems, and chemical storage pipework systems.
  • MDPE: Medium-Density Polyethylene is a heavy-duty, robust material typically used to connect main water supplies to homes and installed in underground applications.
  • VLDPE: Very-Low-Density Polyethylene is a linear polymer with short-chain branches. VLDPE can be blended with other polymers and is commonly used for applications such as shrink wrap and food packaging, ice and frozen food bags, and hoses and tubing.
  • HMWPE: High Molecular Weight Polyethylene is an extremely dense form of polyethylene that can withstand impacts, abrasion, and moisture. HMWPE is often used to manufacture long-lasting, highly durable products for material handling, automotive, and medical applications.
  • ULMWPE: Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene is an extremely durable plastic that is highly abrasion and wear-resistant. It is suitable for many applications, including milk jugs, detergent bottles, margarine tubs, garbage containers, and water pipes.
  • CPE: Chlorinated polyethylene is a soft, rubbery polymer that is often blended into a PVC matrix to increase impact resistance and is used in the cable and rubber industry.

Polyethylene Properties

  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting
  • Low friction
  • Low cost
  • Flexible
  • Electrically resistant
  • Sun resistant
  • Corrosion-resistant

Where to Use Polyethylene Extrusions

Both HDPE and LDPE are tough, durable materials that perform well at low temperatures and have excellent resistance to chemicals. LDPE is utilized for applications such as squeeze bottles, packaging, and carrier bags. HDPE is commonly used for chemical drums, pipes, and tubes.

Why Choose BD Custom for Custom Polyethylene Extrusions

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