PVC edge trim and edge guard play an important role in finishing a product, reaching beyond appearance to protect exposed edges and individuals who might encounter them. Common applications where edge trim, also called trim seal, is evident include automobile doors and various types of machinery and equipment. It’s essential to choose the edge trim that is best suited to specific needs and proper installation to prevent these rubber or plastic items from buckling or separating.

BD Custom Manufacturing provides high-quality plastic profile extrusion products designed to meet a variety of applications for industrial specifications of all types. Our customization process is extensive, allowing for the manufacture of custom-molded PVC and polyethylene products, which meet the needs of a growing number of manufacturing sectors across the country. Our PVC edge trim products are a major part of our standard and customized offerings.

Plastic Edge Trim

Manufacturing and assembly processes often leave the edges of wood, plastic, metal and other materials exposed. These edges, especially on products constructed from sheet metal, can be sharp, producing potential risks ranging from painful scrapes to serious cuts when people touch them. Metal edge trim reduces the effects of exposed edges, eliminating these risks and creating a safer environment.

Edge Trim Production Process

BD Custom Manufacturing forms plastic edge trim for sheet metal and other material types using coextrusion molding. This is a plastic extrusion process that integrates two or more different thermoplastic materials instead of just one.

It’s a popular method because it achieves a desired level of performance and incorporates special characteristics, which are not possible using monolayer or single material plastic extrusions. A few examples of coextrusion benefits include increased strength, improved wear resistance, and a stiffer product.

Edge Trim Specifications

Because a sheet metal edge guard plays a critical role in providing product safety, considerations like the right material, thickness, size, and application environment are crucial elements in specifying edge trim.

Edge Trim Materials

The material used to manufacture edge trim should be a good match to various parameters of its unique application. Common materials used in the production of edge trim include:

  • ABS (added strength)
  • PVC (rigid, lightweight, abrasion resistant, and flexible)
  • Polycarbonate (shatter resistance)
  • PP (softer flexibility)
  • Polystyrene (lightweight support)
  • HDPE (thin-walled durability)
  • LDPE (strength, environmental wear resistance)
  • TPE​ (cold weather resistance)

Edge Trim Applications

Sheet metal edge protectors are common features in any manufactured or assembled product that creates a safety risk by leaving a sharp edge exposed. Though applied to a range of applications across a variety of industrial sectors, some of the most common examples include:

  • Seat Edge Trims
  • Automotive Door Edges
  • Windows
  • Plastic Rain Gutters
  • Truck Bed Covers
  • Running Boards

Plastic Edge Trim by BD Custom Manufacturing

Since 1993, BD Custom Manufacturing has provided our clients with edge trim and other plastic extrusions to meet an array of needs with 100+ custom colors and over 800 custom profiles in many different lengths and thicknesses. We offer expert, specialized tooling, vacuum sizing and calibration, top-shelf quality control, and some of the fastest lead times in the industry. Our ISO 9001-2015 certification is evidence of our commitment to producing a quality product according to industry standards.

We believe that the small to mid-size plastics customer requires and deserves the same level of attention and access to opportunities as high-volume clients to be successful in a competitive marketplace. With this in mind, we treat every client the same and provide our full range of capabilities, talents, and service.

Customization Options for Plastic Trim​

Custom manufacturing of plastic sheet metal edge trim does not mean much if you do not have customization options for your clients to choose from. Available choices at BD Custom Manufacturing include:

  • Size/Length
  • Thickness
  • Material
  • Colors

Sheet metal edge guard and plastic edge trim play a critical role in providing a safer environment for those who use machinery, automobiles, or other types of equipment. BD Custom Manufacturing provides PVC edge trim using coextrusion processes to fit the unique needs of each application. We are eager to help you choose the best materials, sizes, colors, and profiles to meet your needs.

Contact us for more information about our PVC edge trim solutions or request a quote from one of our experts.

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